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I'm Naficeh and I live in the beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I'm in my second year of study at Simon Fraser University in the School of Communications.

I'm a Cancer. I enjoy long walks on the beach and frisky women.
A huge part of my life is Supernatural. I live it, I breath it. I just plain love this show. I might be obsessed. The plot, the ghouls, ghost, monsters, Mr. Ackles and of course Mr. Padalecki, who I adore with a passion. ThursdayFriday nights will truly never be the same.

Another big part of my life is hockey. The Canucks are my team and I like talking about them. If you don't like hockey I'll probably annoy the living crap out of you. Especially when the season rolls around.

My journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Comment and I'll add you. I'm not super picky. Post about Supernatural event and set visits are mostly public.
My graphics are posted at salsa_icons
My amazing (...) photograph skills are showcased at purple-stew
And last but not least, my Twitter is @Naficeh

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